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About Our Business

Established in 2018, Agritouch works in 3 main directions including agricultural consulting, Investments and trade. Agritouch owns 600 sqm. Cold storage facility in Guria region, Georgia, equipped with precooling and IQF freezing modern technology. Company is  exporting fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables in different countries including UAE, QATAR, EU, CIS, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA, BAHRAIN and etc. Recognizing that export opportunities give local producers a way to increase sales and generate higher revenues, Agritouch offers export market development and trade intermediary services to its clients as well.

Agritouch also offers different Agro-cunsulting services to international and local partners such are: Farm management, Trainings, Research and Analytics, and etc.

Contracted by a wide range of agricultural investors, farmers, and agencies, the company's current management portfolio includes more than 20 farms and agribusinesses throughout Georgia including 3000 ha of berry and almond orchards in Kakheti (east Georgia) and 100 ha of blueberries in Guria (west Georgia). Additionally, Agritouch sources, imports, and resells various agricultural inputs, including seedlings, mulch, and agricultural textiles.

Agritouch also maintains close relationships with international organizations and donors, delivering vital extension services and technical assistance to individuals seeking to enhance production of both conventional and organic berries, cherries, and vegetables.

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