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Within the project "UDABNO" Agritouch provides agricultural consulting services to Adjaragroup . Under Mentioned project around 3000 Ha of Almond and 20 Ha of berry plantations were Implemented.

Under the project "Plant the Future"  initiated by the Ministry of  Environment Protection and Agriculture and  implemented by the Agricultural Projects' Management Agency, LLC Agritouch is supplying agricultural inputs such are: Seedlings and Mulch to program beneficiaries.

In partnership with Bank of Georgia, Agritouch is providing agricultural consulting services to clients willing to benefit from business support program offered by Bank of Georgia for development of blueberry plantations.

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Other projects implemented by our company includes: 

  • Full management (Turnkey Project) and implementation of 6 Ha blueberry plantation. 

  • Full management (Turnkey Project) and implementation of 11 Ha blueberry plantation.

  • Full management (Turnkey Project) and implementation of 80 Ha blueberry plantation.

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