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Full Farm Management and Implementation (Turnkey Service)

Full service includes the following: Land analyses and planning of plantation, choosing the variety and management of planting process, Management of all processes including agronomical services and etc.

Supply of Agricultural Imputs

Agritouch partners with the best international and local suppliers of agriculture inputs and delivers the best quality products to its clients.

Trade. Supply of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Agritouch is one of the main exporters and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our company owns cold storage facility equipped with modern technology including precooling and IQF systems. Our export destinations: UAE, EU Countries, CIS Countries, QATAR, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA, BAHRAIN

 Research and Analytics

Our team consists of professionals with  experience working in government institutions, donor and business organizations. we have a huge experience of working on different projects and we are able to provide in depth analyses of local and international markets, prepare high quality business plans and assist our clients in grants management and  preparation of proposal or other needed documents.


We offer a high-quality agronomic services including onsite visits to plantations and monitoring of plant growth process.  Based on our huge experience working with different farmers and companies we offer best crop management techniques and latest agronomic practices.

Services: Services
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